Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What fun we had - Ebey's Forever 2010!

Field trip participants visit the Reuble Farmstead. (Denis Hill)

Lauren Hubbard and Shelby Gansemer sport their new Ebey's Reserve (temporary) tattoos. (Lauren Gansemer)

Roger Sherman shares stories of prairie farming with Prairie Home Production's "Squash & Wheat." (Denis Hill)

David Engle shares stories from his family at the Harmon/Engle Farmstead. (Denis Hill)

Keynote Anthea Hartig of the National Trust for Historic Preservation greets us at Camp Casey. (Denis Hill)

Farmer, Valerie Reuther high-fives Trust Board Member, Molly Hughes at the mini-farmers market.
It was a full house at the Celebrating Rural Character(s) Potluck at the Crockett Barn. (Denis Hill)

The days to celebrate!

One hundred ninty-nine plus or minus
the official line
but we know better
that numbers can't
explain the spirit
of community in that
barn that has held
community gatherings for
a hundred years and more.
Enough food and wine
to be mistaken for a scriptural
event. This Crockett barn
a place to come into out
of the rain and wind
A plate for everyone
a warm greeting
meeting you at the door weather
pioneer or visitor.

And Ebey's Landing
tattooed in temporary
places like arms and cheeks,
but more perminently fixed
in people's hearts and minds
through the shared stories
exploration and investigation
of a destination called Ebey's Forever.
- By Reserve Manager, Mark Preiss