Monday, June 9, 2008

Restore your Old Windows - With Help! Free Window Restoration Workshop

Looking around my home, circa 1886, I can count 3 cracked window panes without getting out of my chair. Sashes hanging down, little cracks, big cracks - I need help!

Windows are one of the most distinctive part of a house. It's great to have windows that fit the look of your house. Original windows in a historic house impart the house's distinctive character.

Before you buy the vinyl clad windows at the box store, why not consider giving new life to your old windows through repair and restoration. And . . . theres help!

Ebey's Reserve is offering a FREE, hand-on workshop for historic home owners all about restoring old windows. The Window Restoration Workshop will be led by National Park Service craftsmen and restoration specialists. It takes place in a barn/workshop - it's not a passive, sit and listen to a speaker workshop. Bring in an old window and get professional assistance and advice on how to make the needed repairs.

Plan to attend the Window Restoration Workshop on JUNE 21 FROM 10 AM - 3 PM in Coupeville. The location is the Reuble Barn at the corner of Fort Casey Rd. and Patmore Rd. Call 678-6084 for more information. See you there!

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