Monday, July 26, 2010

Jacob Ebey House

The National Park Service crew has been hard at work restoring and renovating the Jacob Ebey House. On the way to Perego's Bluff from the Sunnyside Cemetery, the Jacob Ebey House overlooks Ebey's Prairie and is the future home of a visitor contact Station for Ebey Landing National Historical Reserve.

The house was built in 1855 by Jacob Ebey, father of Isaac Ebey. Isaac staked his donation land claim on Ebey's Prairie in 1850, and that swath of land from Ebey's Landing back to Cook Road still looks much like it did 160 years ago.

The house has also changed very little from the outside, except for the ramp, which was added to make the house accessible. Go for a walk on the Bluff Trail and be sure to pass by the Jacob Ebey House to check out the progress over the next several months. We hope it will be open to the public with our first exhibits by next summer.

Post and photos by Sierra Young

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