Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Snapshot of Autumn

...although the word on the street is we never really experienced summer. Regardless of what happened in the past few months, there is no doubt that fall has arrived. The slanted light across the prairie, clouds caught in treetops, brisk mornings, and constant desire for a cup of tea leave some (myself included) invigorated, and ready to cuddle up 'till spring. Included here are only a few of the many good moments of Fall.

It's time to enjoy a local favorite - the Hubbard Squash! Thanks to Dale Sherman and Sherman's Pioneer Farms, Hubbard Squash can be seen aplenty in the fields of Ebey's Prairie.. Simply bake these green giants open faced with butter and brown sugar for a delicious and nutritious dinner. Or get creative with pie, quick bread, stews and more! Sample Hubbard Squash prepared by Dale's wife, Liz - attend the Taste of Ebey's Workshop at the Ebey's Forever Conference November 6th.

The ferry house watches another season pass by.

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Lisbeth Cort said...

Very cool. Plus I can't wait for all of us to hear from prairie farmers during the Ebey's Forever Conference Nov 5 - 6. I just registered. Can't wait!