Thursday, February 3, 2011

February signals - Spring is on the way!

I could not help but notice that small (but real) signs of spring are beginning to pop up around Ebey's Reserve. Although I know we aren't out of winter's cold (yet), I can appreciate all of nature's happenings below ground, bark, and buds, during months we generally think of as still. The majority of hues outside are still shades of brown, but below are some quick shots of the activity signaling the many colors to come. Happy February!

Oregon Grape, getting ready to share its yellow flowers.

Lilac with growing buds of purple delight.

Daffodils, peeking out of the ground, my favorite signal of spring.

Red Flowering Current, gracing the world with scarlet highlights - hints of what is to come.

All photos were taken at the Ebey's Reserve Trust Board Cottage.

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