Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jacob Ebey House Opens to the Public

Since 2007 the National Park Service and volunteers have been rehabilitating the Jacob Ebey House and preparing it for its new role as a Visitor Contact Station, when visitors will be able to engage with a living piece of history. Al Sherman, farmer, volunteer docent and member of the Trust Board of Ebey's Landing, cut the ceremonial ribbon today, signifying that the house is officially open and a new phase is beginning. Our first two volunteers, Lee Williamson and Anne Katherine, accompanied Al for the opening, enthusiastic about taking in the scenery while interacting with inquisitive visitors.

Besides the Trust Board of Ebey's Landing and its staff, the amount of time and work that has gone into this project from our partners and community members is inspiring, embodying a sense of unity that the pioneers and Native Americans before them may have also felt. The National Park Service, the Island County Historical Society and the Lions Club (along with Rob Hetler) are just a few. Volunteers from the community have worked tirelessly on every aspect of this project, from the rehabilitation to the interior displays, and now staffing the house through the summer. The Pratt family and the Nature Conservancy cannot be forgotten, without them this land may not be enjoyed as it is today.

Most importantly, the Ebey family, who courageously travelled across the country to their new found paradise, will be recognized - and their lives, which seemed tragically short, will not be forgotten. They are living on through the stewardship of this land and the special feeling that resonates while exploring it. A new life has begun for the Jacob and Sarah Ebey farmstead, come and celebrate it!

The Jacob Ebey House is open Thurs-Sun from 10am - 4pm through September 4th.

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